Pull Off an Apartment Transformation at Your San Diego 4th + J Unit With Some Weekend Projects

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In these COVID-19 times, with social distancing the norm and typical friend hangouts severely curtailed, a lot of us are finding some unusually generous time on our hands during the weekends.

When you’ve got a prime perch in San Diego’s vibrant Gaslamp Quarter at 4th and J Apartments, a restricted social calendar these days can definitely be strange and outright frustrating. But here’s the deal: You can put the extra free time at home to good use by tackling some fun weekend projects at your apartment! Personalizing your amenity-rich unit is a fine way to direct your energies—and a great means to make your 4th and J home all the more your own space.

Here are three ideas for DIY weekend improvements at your Downtown San Diego apartment!

Spruce Up the Bathroom

A nice-looking bathroom goes an awful long way toward making your apartment homier—and, when it’s safe to do so, welcoming guests back over for dinner or a party with a bit more pride and confidence. The fact that this private corner of the apartment is very easy to neglect makes it a prime choice for a rolling-up-your-sleeves sort of weekend endeavor.

Consider, for example, regrouting the tile in your bathroom: a surefire way to make it sparkle and shine like new. This is a classic weekend project that—despite perhaps seeming daunting to a first-timer—is easy and rewarding to pull off. Clearing out the degraded old grout, mixing a new batch, and applying it via a grout float, then cleaning up with sponge and broom: It’s all completely accessible to a DIYer, and tailor-made for a couple of days of snappy work.

Maybe you want to upgrade your showerhead, too, to one with adjustable settings and perhaps a handheld extension: Why not treat yourself to a full-on spa experience on an everyday basis?

Transform Your Entryway

First impressions count, right? So consider redoing the threshold or entryway section of your apartment to put your best foot forward. Arrange some houseplants there, hang a mirror (which has the practical value of giving you a last-minute check on your look before heading out the door), install a pot or vase to hold umbrellas, place a small table or hang a little shelf to support a bowl with your keys and other on-the-go essentials, maybe a few picture frames. Eyeball the front end of your apartment with the eyes of a visitor, and see what this inspires!

Organize Your Bookshelf

Nothing says weekend project like tackling your apartment’s bookshelf. Rearrange your cherished titles alphabetically, by author, by personal timetable of acquisition, or some other system meaningful only to you. (But hey, it’s your apartment!) If you’ve got some vinyl records as well, the sky’s the limit when it comes to filing them.

What better way to spend a semi-quarantined weekend than with some redecorating or home improvement? Now’s the perfect opportunity to execute those projects that have long been languishing. You can’t beat a home base at 4th and JApartments, where you get to enjoy decked-out luxury amenities and highly desirable floor plans with all the attractions of the historic Gaslamp Quarter and the rest of Downtown San Diego at your fingertips thanks to the ideal location. Take your already awesome apartment here to the next level with a few weekend DIY adventures!

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