The Best Ways to Spend an Afternoon in Coronado

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Nestled in San Diego Bay on Coronado Island, 4th & J are chic, upscale downtown San Diego apartments that give residents prime access to historic sites, beaches, and restaurants. Whether you choose to explore the historic downtown area or enjoy water activities, Coronado Island has everything you'll need to fill your afternoon.

Visit Historic Sites

Walking along the Gaslamp Quarter in the downtown district is like stepping into a whole new world with its vibrant colors, glowing lights, and specialty shops tucked away into charming nooks and alleyways.
History lovers can also unwind at the Hotel del Coronado. Constructed in 1888, the hotel is a late Victorian-style gem made famous by Hollywood celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable. Also known as the Del, this hotel has a world-class bar with stunning waterfront views and an exquisite lobby lit with crystal chandeliers.

Take Your Dog for a Stroll

Coronado's dog beach is a leash-free paradise for your four-legged family member. Your dog can frolic around while you enjoy stunning views of the Hotel del Coronado and the Point Loma headland. The island is known for its love of dogs, with many dog-friendly shops, hotels, and restaurants happy to accommodate your furry friend.

Explore the Island

Biking and kayaking are two of the best ways to explore the island. You can follow the bike path that goes all the way around the island and under the Coronado Bridge or hop in a kayak and take in the breathtaking views as you paddle to various sites, such as Petco Park, the USS Midway, and Silver Strand.

Enjoy the Diverse Culinary Scene

Any of the fine dining establishments in Coronado are sure to make your mouth water as you take in the incredible, scenic backdrop. Excellent restaurants located downtown and throughout the island offer everything from sushi bars to steak houses and world-class seafood. After a sumptuous meal, you can kick back at one of the many local bars and pubs for an after-dinner drink.
There are so many exciting ways to spend an afternoon in Coronado, and fortunately, they're all within easy reach for 4th & J residents. These San Diego apartments put you at the heart of all that Coronado has to offer.

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